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Prism for Xamarin Forms – Handling platform specific code (Part 4)

Xamarin Forms is cool because it allows to share not just the business logic but also the user interface, unlike the traditional Xamarin approach, which requires to create multiple projects with its own user experience and features. However, at some … Continue reading

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Prism for Xamarin Forms – Advanced navigation (Part 3)

In the previous post, we’ve expanded a bit our original sample application, by creating a service to interact with the APIs offered by the TrackSeries website, by using it to populate some data in the app and, in the end, … Continue reading

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Prism for Xamarin Forms – Basic navigation and dependency injection (Part 2)

In the previous post we’ve started to see the basic concepts on how to leverage the new version of Prism (6.2) to implement the MVVM pattern in a Xamarin Forms app. So far, we haven’t seen nothing special that we … Continue reading

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Prism for Xamarin Forms – An overview (Part 1)

Even if I understand that it may not be the right technology for every project, I’m a huge fan of Xamarin Forms. As you’ll probably know if you follow my blog, I’m a Windows Developer and Xamarin Forms allows me … Continue reading

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Xamarin Forms for Windows Phone devs – Dependency injection with MVVM Light

In the previous post we’ve seen how Xamarin Forms offers an easy way to manage dependency injection, so that you can support the different ways how some features are managed on every platform. This way, you can use a common … Continue reading

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